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11. When developing an information security policy, what is the FIRST step that should be taken? 

A. Obtain copies of mandatory regulations. 

B. Gain management approval. 

C. Seek acceptance from other departments. 

D. Ensure policy is compliant with current working practices. 



12. Which one of the following should NOT be contained within a computer policy? 

A. Definition of management expectations. 

B. Responsibilities of individuals and groups for protected information. 

C. Statement of senior executive support. 

D. Definition of legal and regulatory controls. 



13. Which one of the following is NOT a fundamental component of a Regulatory Security Policy? 

A. What is to be done. 

B. When it is to be done. 

C. Who is to do it. 

D. Why is it to be done 



14. Which one of the following statements describes management controls that are instituted to implement a security policy? 

A. They prevent users from accessing any control function. 

B. They eliminate the need for most auditing functions. 

C. They may be administrative, procedural, or technical. 

D. They are generally inexpensive to implement. 



15. Which must bear the primary responsibility for determining the level of protection needed for information systems resources? 

A. IS security specialists 

B. Senior Management 

C. Seniors security analysts 

D. system auditors 



16. Which of the following choices is NOT part of a security policy? 

A. definition of overall steps of information security and the importance of security 

B. statement of management intend, supporting the goals and principles of information security 

C. definition of general and specific responsibilities for information security management 

D. description of specific technologies used in the field of information security 



17. In an organization, an Information Technology security function should: 

A. Be a function within the information systems functions of an organization 

B. Report directly to a specialized business unit such as legal, corporate security or insurance 

C. Be lead by a Chief Security Officer and report directly to the CEO 

D. Be independent but report to the Information Systems function 



18. Which of the following embodies all the detailed actions that personnel are required to follow? 

A. Standards 

B. Guidelines 

C. Procedures 

D. Baselines 



19. A significant action has a state that enables actions on an ADP system to be traced to individuals who may then be held responsible. The action does NOT include: 

A. Violations of security policy. 

B. Attempted violations of security policy. 

C. Non-violations of security policy. 

D. Attempted violations of allowed actions. 



20. Network Security is a 

A. Product 

B. protocols 

C. ever evolving process 

D. quick-fix solution 


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